Team Detail

Al-Mawrid Hind Foundation Governing Board Trustees & Managers.

Our Team

Mushafiq Sultan

» President

Manage and coordinate entire operations and team of Al-Mawrid Hind.
Contact for any issues related to Al-Marid Hind.

Mohd Asjad

» Secretary General

Coordination and mobilization of all the resources.
Contact for events, donations and volunteer works.

Shadab Hashmi

» Secretary Finance

Manage accounts and all finance related queries.
Contact for any issues related to finance and accounts.

Akbar U Zaman

» Manager Monthly Ishraq & Book Store

Manage Monthly Ishraq Magazine Subscriptions, Bookstore and Stock.
Contact for any query regarding books, payment & shipping.

Ammar Bakhsh

» Events & Media Manager

Manage Al-Mawrid Hind official youtube channel and social media. Contact

Suhel A. Khan

» Manager IT

Manage websites, payment gateways and all other online and technical requirements.
Contact for any query regarding online transaction, website issues and technical support.