About Us

Al-Mawrid Hind Foundation aims to develop and inculcate in people qualities like faith,
morality, patience, knowledge, research, integrity, rationality, positive thinking, chastity and modesty.

Al-Mawrid Hind Foundation

As a beneficiary of the rich scholarly practice in Muslim history,  Al-Mawrid is a novel establishment of learning. A profound worry over the shortage of reasonable ways to deal with Islamic learning in our occasions brought forth this foundation at the beginning of the twentieth century. Lost in the partisan biases and political fighting, the genuine message of Islam, in light of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, has gotten outsider to the Muslims. The Qur'an, which is the establishment of this religion, is infrequently drawn nearer for purposes other than oral conveyance or repetition learning.

The Hadith has been disconnected from its establishments in the Qur'an and the Sunnah, and the essential spotlight presently is on the primary standards and the radiating talks of a specific way of thinking and on the polemics to set up their prevalence over those of others.

As an organization, Al-Mawrid is a name that represents the push to review this issue. Accordingly, the fundamental target of this organization is help and propagation of illustrative and examination work on the genuine comprehension of Islam, the distribution and mass correspondence of this comprehension through every single imaginable mean.

Following are the striking highlights of the procedure we have embraced to accomplish the target laid out above:

  1. • A worldwide development of Tazkir bi al-Qur'an (reminding individuals through the Qur'an) will be started.
  2. • Individuals will be instructed on the heavenly law, statements of belief and good standards got from the Qur'an and Sunnah.
  3. • Researchers clinging to the genuine comprehension of Islam will be partnered to the organization through the cooperation, exploration, and dawah work.

We are seeking to fund the following initiatives for which we need your help:

  1. - Producing high quality well researched literature on Islam.
  2. - Translation of select Islamic works into Hindi and other local languages.
  3. - Establishing regular visits of scholars and academics to enhance learning.
  4. - Dissemination of publications of Al-Mawrid in India
  5. - Launching weekly study classes for various age groups.

We ask that you in our efforts and generously, your time, effort, and capital, to help accomplish these initiatives. No effort is small enough and no amount small enough.

Al-Mawrid Hind Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental trust registered in India.

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Our Values


Teach Islam as a form of knowledge
rather than as a creed.

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Encourage to explore faith in a ,
welcoming open, and an inquisitive manner.

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Encourage to understand Islam based
on evidence from Quran and sunnah.

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Be open to all truth seekers without gender,
age, religion, or any other discriminating factors.

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Practice Islam based on reason,
rationality, and critical thinking.

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Our Board of Trustees

Mushafiq Sultan President
Mohd Asjad        Secretary General
Shadab Hashmi Secretary Finance
Akbar U ZamanManager Ishraq & Books